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Mar 10

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US Government Prevents 70+ MPG Cars From Being Sold To Keep Tax Revenues High


Most of the world over, you can buy a Volkswagen Passat w/ BlueMotion that gets around 70 mpg, but not in the US.

The US government has deemed the high gas mileage car a threat to its tax revenues, so it has banned the sale of extremely high gas mileage cars in the US. I assure you, I am not joking.

Volkswagon U.S. Specs HERE
Volkswagon U.K. Specs HERE

Note: The Imperial gallon is larger than the U.S. gallon  (source)

4.55 liters  = UK Imperial Gallon

3.79 liters = US gallon

Listen to a man describe his vacation experience, and his resulting shock after discovering that the US government will not allow him to buy a 70 mpg car.

I’m sure readers of this blog are not shocked at all.  The state is a criminal mafia organization that robs its own citizens at gunpoint, engages in mass murder for profit, throws millions of its own citizens into cages for consuming or growing various forms of vegetable matter, and has a long history of imposing slavery, mass imprisonment based on race, along with the mass killing of people who protest its actions.

If you believe the state has your best interests at heart, you have what psychologists call Stockholm Syndrome.  You should seek professional help immediately.


Update:  After reviewing the PSEN article on this issue, it appears more likely that VW has made a voluntary decision not to sell the cars in the US due to poor market performance rather than due to regulations that prohibit its sale.  Not that this changes much, given that gas mileage performance is largely a function of vehicle weight, and vehicle weight is largely a function of the onerous safety regulations that force manufacturers to use heavy frames to meet safety requirements.  This is why a 500 cc motorcycle can achieve 85 US mpg fuel efficiency.  By mandating that all cars use heavy frames for safety purposes, the US government eliminates choice from the consumer market.  You can’t buy a large, high mpg car because you can’t buy a large, light weight, “less safe” vehicle – you simply don’t have that choice because the state took it away from you.



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