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Feb 20

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False Statistics Will Not Save the Economy Or Create Jobs

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is 12.8 million people unemployed as of January 2012. The truth is, the unemployment numbers are much higher than our Government statistics.

If you look at the actual unadjusted data, you can see that 133.172 Million people working in November but in January there were only 130.263 Million working! How can the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics apply that the unemployment is getting better?

The government sector shed 14,000 jobs in January 2012. They continue shedding thousands of jobs each month.

How the Government Comes up with the Unemployment Rate

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, they don’t actually track the unemployment numbers. Instead, they base the all-important “Unemployment Rate” on a survey. You would think they would collect the numbers from the 50 states who would get them from their unemployment offices, however, that is not how it is done. Unemployment rates are calculated based on a random survey called the Current Population Survey (CPS). Instead of calling the main office of 50 state offices, the government calls up 60,000 households every month and then estimates the unemployment rate based on that sample.

With the wages going down this economy does not stand a chance with the gas prices, on the rise and the food prices increasing. Soon, even the ones that do have jobs, will have to choose between a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas.

If you have your land paid for, you might be thinking of living on it. In most places, you can’t live off of the land anymore. A lot of western states will not allow you to collect rainwater. Even the local governments consider you a nuisance.

The state, city, and counties alternative to the loss of revenue is to increase taxes. Even the school lunches are increasing.

Economy strains neighborly feelings in North Carolina
In every city and town all across America, you will find a similar story like the above story. If you have a job that is great, but not even churches are safe from this economy.

Mike Maloney on Economic Crisis

So hang on to a very bumpy ride ahead.

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