Oct 31

Why Was Silver Just Hit So Hard?


Here are a few thoughts I thought were worth sharing, on why silver was hit so hard today, from one of my favorite alternative thinking YouTuber out there.

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Oct 31

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Sentenced to Prison in Denmark

A co-founder of the Swedish file-sharing website The Pirate Bay
was sentenced on Friday to three and a half years in prison, in
what the prosecutor called Denmark’s biggest-ever hacking case.

Gottfrid Warg, 30, also known under his hacker alias “Anakata”,
was found guilty of hacking into the mainframe of IT provider CSC
in Denmark, accessing the Danish Civil Registration System and
local police’s criminal register in 2012.

When sentencing, the Court of Frederiksberg in Copenhagen said
the attack was systematic, intensive and took place over a long
period of time.

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Oct 31

CDC to Purchase Body Bags in Anticipation of More Ebola Deaths

Federal agency issues “services sought” notice for PPE supplies.

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Oct 31

Women’s self defense class

By Beau Berman Source:: http://foxct.com/2014/10/31/womens-self-defense-class/

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Oct 31

Pro-Israel Washington real ‘chickenshit’

@michbarsinai said:

As someone who grew up working with chickens and their feces, I find calling Bibi #ChickenShit offensive to chickens. And feces.

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Oct 31

National Guard deloyed in Hawaii as Kilauea lava flows through town

The Hawaii National Guard is sending troops to Pahoa, a rural town currently dealing with encroaching lava from the Kilauea volcano. The lava is threatening to destroy a major road in the already-isolated town.
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Oct 31

Elderly couple fined $80K, raided by police because of pallets in their yard

The Marathon County SWAT vehicle arrives to confiscate property from elderly Roger Hoeppner. (Photo: Ryan Lister)

The Marathon County SWAT vehicle arrives to confiscate property from elderly Roger Hoeppner. (Photo: Ryan Lister)

STETTIN, WI — An elderly couple was traumatized when two dozen sheriff’s deputies swarmed their rural home, prepared to confiscate their property because of zoning ordinance violations.

The outrageous raid took place at the 20-acre property of Roger and Marjorie Hoeppner, who live in a wooded area on Highway 29 in the tiny town of Stettin, Wisconsin. The October raid was the culmination of years of harassment from the town against the couple, which Mr. Hoeppner believes is a “vendetta” against him.

It all stems from the town of Stettin — population 2,554 — making forcible demands to property owners about the appearance of their private land. The town, including Town Chairman Matt Wasmundt, took a particular interest in the Hoeppners’ property, which contains tractors, stacks of pallets, and other property belonging to the couple.

Mr. Hoeppner runs a business in which he repairs both tractors and broken pallets. Aside from interfering with his income, Hoeppner objects on the belief that he was being singled out, as he believes many other residents fall afoul of the same ordinances.

The six-year legal fight is summarized by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

In 2008, the town sued Hoeppner over claimed violations of ordinances about zoning, signs, rubbish and vehicles. About a year later, the two sides settled; Hoeppner was supposed to clean up his property, and the town was supposed to open discussions about its zoning.

The town felt Hoeppner had not complied, and it brought a motion for contempt and enforcement. In September 2010, a judge ordered Hoeppner to remove certain items from his land.

The following May, the judge found Hoeppner had still not complied and authorized the town to seize assets. In the summer of 2011, the town hauled away several tractors, pallets, equipment and other items and auctioned them off for “pennies on the dollar,” according to Lister.

But the dispute wasn’t over. In April 2013, the judge entered a final judgment that imposed a $500-a-day fine against Hoeppner for not adhering to the original May 2011 order, and granting the town’s legal fees.

Hoeppner appealed, but lost in a March ruling. So by Oct. 2, he owed the town about $80,000, according to court records, and the Town of Stettin obtained a writ of execution to collect — without notice to Hoeppner or his attorneys, they say.

Roger and Marjorie Hoeppner. (Photo: Ryan Lister)

To collect the egregious $80,000 fine, officials called up some muscle to present a show of force against the elderly couple. The Marathon County Sheriff’s Department dutifully followed orders and marched onto the Hoeppners’ property and put the homeowner in shackles.

The deputies literally drove Mr. Hoeppner to the bank and forced him to withdraw money from his retirement account to pay off the extortive court order.

A total of 24 deputies participated in the raid, and brought their armored quarter-million-dollar Lenco Bearcat vehicle.

The deputies literally drove Mr. Hoeppner to the bank and forced him to withdraw money from his retirement account to pay off the extortive court order.

Mrs. Hoeppner was so traumatized by the raid that she had to be taken to the hospital.

“Rather than provide Mr. Hoeppner or his counsel notice…and attempt to collect without spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on the military-style maneuvers, the town unilaterally decided to enforce its civil judgment” with a police raid, said attorney Ryan Lister to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

The lawful oppression of the Hoeppners — which cost the couple $200,000 in legal fees and fines — perfectly illustrates the inherent injustice of zoning ordinances. When petty tyrants are able to dictate the rules for other people’s private property, homeowners are faced with a choice to submit or potentially lose everything, even over the most menial of complaints.

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Accountability CheckAlert_HandBlinking

Town of Stettin
, Wisconsin
Phone: (715) 845-3535
Email: townofstettinwi@gmail.com

Town Chairman Matt Wasmundt
Phone: (715) 571-1483
Email: wasmundt@hughes.net

Read this story and others at Police State USA.

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Oct 31

Are Libertarians Spoiling the Midterm Elections?

Libertarian Party Vice Chair Arvin Vohra on the 2014 midterms

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Oct 31

FBI agents cut internet access, pose as repairmen to perform warrantless search

Defendant Paul Phau during a televised poker tournament.  (Photo: YouTube)

LAS VEGAS, NV — To investigate a purported case of untaxed sports betting, federal agents turned off internet access to three luxury hotel suites then impersonated repair technicians to covertly get inside and collect evidence. The FBI contends that this ploy is sufficient “consent” to perform warrantless searches in private residences.

* * * * *

In June 2014, the Federal Bureau of Investigation suspected that a wealthy Malaysian real estate developer and a few of his associates were betting on FIFA World Cup games. The bureau believed that 50-year-old Wei Seng “Paul” Phua and his son Darren Phua had accessed “online sports books” on their laptops as part of the unpermitted betting operation taking place at the Ceasar’s Palace Hotel and Casino.

Defendant Paul Phau during a televised poker tournament. (Photo: YouTube)

The FBI was in need of an articulate reason to acquire a warrant on the Phuas. To obtain one, agents devised a plan to sneak into three hotel suites masquerading as helpful computer technicians, arriving to solve a problem with the internet service.

To create a disturbance, the scheme involved flickering the internet connection to the suspects’ villas over the course of two days, with the help of hotel computer contractors. Agents disguised as technicians responded to the villas with laptops to attempt to “fix” the problem. The plan was derailed when a butler refused to allow them to enter.

“I just want to make sure they can connect before I leave,” one FBI agent said, his hidden camera revealed. “Can we just make sure they can connect, OK?”

“The thing is, you can’t go in there right now,” the butler responded.

Later, the internet connection was completely shut off and the faux technicians were poised to come and “fix” it. According to a lawsuit filed on behalf of Paul Phua, on June 22, 2014, agents then covertly searched the villas and took secret recordings — all before obtaining a warrant.

The recordings were presented in a criminal complaint, which described what was seen in the villa:

J.A. stated that he/she saw several work stations with extra monitors attached. J.A. saw one of the computer screens, which was displaying what he/she believed to be words in the Chinese language and also included several columns which appeared to be numbers. J.A. stated it looked like betting odds displayed on a computer screen, similar to what J.A. has seen in sports betting in the casinos.

Along with observing spreadsheets of numbers and foreign words, the complaint stated that the luxury suite contained several televisions which were “tuned to the World Cup.” This evidence was enough to secure an official warrant and perform an exhaustive search.

“We’ll dress up as technicians, we’ll come inside, we’ll claim to be fixing the Internet connection — even though we can’t, ’cause we broke it from outside — and then we’ll just look around and see what we see,” attorney Tom Goldstein narrated.

Defense attorneys faulted the complaint for concealing from the judge the fact that agents had intentionally arranged for the internet service to be disrupted as a pretext for their entry.

Since the government enforces a legal monopoly on gambling, agents take it very seriously when individuals voluntarily associate, place bets, and exchange money without permission. Enforcers go to great lengths to ensure that no one gambles their money unless a cut is given to both the government and a designated gaming corporation.

The investigation eventually led to 8 arrests. Besides Mr. Phua and his son, the other individuals suspected of gambling without government permission included Malaysian junketeer Seng Chen “Richard” Yong, 56, his son Wai Kin Yong, 22, Hong Kong real estate executive Hui Tang, 44, Yan Zhang, 40, Yung Kueng Fan, 46, and Herman Chun Sang Yueng, 36. The Associated Press reported that all eight defendants face charges of transmission of wagering information, operating an illegal gambling business, and aiding and abetting.

Several wealthy professional poker players bailed out the high-rolling defendants, whose bonds ranged from $500,000 to $2,000,000.

Tom Goldstein, representing Paul Phua, described to NPR how deceitful tactics were not only used on the suspects, but also to the judge and legal defense team:

Defense lawyer Goldstein contends that not only was the search illegal, but the government knew it was and tried to cover it up. He contends that the materials submitted to a federal magistrate judge in seeking a warrant later carefully eliminated all indications that the federal agents had themselves cut the Internet line so that the villa occupants would ask for repairmen to come to the villa to fix the problem.

“They just managed not to tell the magistrate what it is they had actually done,” says Goldstein.

Indeed, Goldstein notes that he and his clients never would have known that it was the FBI agents who cut the line were it not for one slip of the tongue that the agents made — recorded on tape — when talking among themselves. He adds that when the defense asked for further recordings, the FBI provided two blank CDs, claiming the recording devices malfunctioned.

“There’s no real way of looking at this other than to say that it is a cover-up,” contends Goldstein.

The lawsuit named two of the government conspirators as Nevada Gaming Commission Board (NVGCB) Agent Ricardo Lopez and FBI Special Agent Mike Kung.

If the government is allowed to stretch the definition of “consent to search” to mean allowing apparent technicians fix an artificially-created problem without a warrant, the implications on privacy rights and 4th Amendment would be devastating.

Defense attorneys for the accused gamblers made a compelling argument in a written motion to the federal magistrate judge regarding the suppression of the warrantless search. They said:

The notion that an individual “consents” to such searches—so that the government is free to ignore the Fourth Amendment’s explicit warrant requirement—is, in a word, absurd. Our lives cannot be private—and our personal relationships intimate—if each physical connection that links our homes to the outside world doubles as a ready-made excuse for the government to conduct a secret, suspicionless, warrantless search. Only a few remote log cabins lack any Internet, electric, gas, water, cable, or telephone service. But the Constitution does not require us to sever all those connections—and live as hermitic luddites—to protect ourselves from the government’s prying eyes and secret cameras. A ruling upholding these intrusions would cause innocent Americans to live their daily lives burdened with the palpable sense that their government is regularly scheming to spy on them in their homes.

The defense added: “If this Court authorizes this duplicity, the government will be free to employ similar schemes in virtually every context to enter the homes of perfectly innocent people. Agents will frequently have no incentive to follow the warrant procedure required by the Constitution.”

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LAWSUIT: United States of America v. Wei Seng Phua

Read this story and others at Police State USA.

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Oct 31

Three Ways Parents are Ruining Halloween

Facts don’t stop fear.

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Oct 31

DEA set up fake Facebook account to impersonate woman and spy on her friends

The Facebook page set up by the DEA impersonating Sondra Arquiett AKA Sondra Prince. (Source: Associated Press)

The Facebook page set up by the DEA impersonating Sondra Arquiett AKA Sondra Prince. (Source: Associated Press)

WATERTOWN, NY — A woman has filed a federal lawsuit after a DEA agent set up a fake online profile in her name, complete with personal information, personal photographs, and fraudulently attributed messages. The Department of Justice claims that government agents have the right to commandeer citizens’ identities in the pursuance of law enforcement.

The case stems back to July 2010, when the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) arrested Ms. Sondra Arquiett (AKA Sondra Prince) on a drug charge. She was accused of being a part of a conspiracy to distribute drugs led by her boyfriend, Jermaine Branford.

During the course of her arrest, an agent obtained her cell phone, allegedly by consent. With the cell phone in his possession, DEA Special Agent Timothy Sinnigen had access to a trove of personal information about Ms. Arquiett, including her contacts, photographs, and other data.

Once released, Ms. Arquiett had her phone returned to her and was not aware that the data had been copied and compromised.

Without Ms. Arquiett’s knowledge, Special Agent Sinnigen secretly used her personal info to create a fake Facebook profile in her name, where he masqueraded as her online and used it to spy on her friends. The agent sent “friend requests” to people she was known to associate, and even made posts using personal nicknames.

The agent posted pictures of Ms. Arquiett’s young son and niece, as well as some “selfie” photographs of Ms. Arquiett and photos of her posing on top of a shiny BMW.

Ms. Arquiett was finally made aware of the fraudulent account when one of her friends asked her about it, later in 2010. She had not previously registered for a Facebook account and was shocked to discover a false account in her name.

Ms. Arquiett filed a lawsuit in a federal district court in Syracuse regarding the fraudulent use of her identity in June 2013, after the drug case had been settled and she had served weekend incarceration for several months. Her complaint alleged that the counterfeit page caused her “fear and great emotional distress,” and gave “dangerous individuals” the impression that she was cooperating with the DEA, endangering her life.

Responding to the complaint, U.S. Attorney Karen Folster Lesperance acknowledged that the fake Facebook profile in Ms. Arquiett’s name had been created and used; that personal photographs had been posted; that friend requests had been sent; that the actions were taken without Ms. Arquiett’s knowledge. However, the government argued that Ms. Arquiett “implicitly consented” by granting police access to her cell phone at some point during the criminal investigation, and stated that it was done “for a legitimate law enforcement purpose.”

The public might not have known about the incident if Ms. Arquiett had not filed the lawsuit. Legal experts have called it a “dangerous expansion of the idea of consent,” paving the way for the government to practically become identity thieves in the name of enforcing the law.

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Read this story and others at Police State USA.

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Oct 31

Google data collection worries Americans more than NSA

AFP Photo

AFP Photo

Americans may not like the fact that the National Security Agency is collecting data on their phone calls and emails, but it turns out they are even more concerned over another surveillance threat: Google.

READ MORE: ‘Google grown big & bad’: Assange reveals company & its founder’s links to US govt

In a survey conducted by the consumer feedback service Survata, the company asked internet users just how angry they would be if they discovered various groups or individuals had gained access to essentially all of their personal data online.

“To evaluate this, we polled over 2,500 respondents with two surveys — one gauging concern with the NSA and a corporation like Google gaining access to personal data, and one with bosses, significant others, and parents,”
the company wrote online. “Overall, the results show respondents were most concerned by a company like Google gaining this access, as shown by the average level of concern.”

Survey participants responded to these questions by choosing a number between one to 10, with one meaning they would not care and 10 meaning they would be “extremely upset.”

In response to the idea that Google would gain access to their data, the average score was 7.39. For comparison, the average score regarding the NSA was 7.06.

Meanwhile, in the event that their boss gained access to their data, respondents scored the possibility with a 6.85. The prospect of the participants’ parents snooping on their digital life received a 5.93.

In a statement to CNET, Survata co-founder Chris Kelly said the company did not expect to see the results it did.

READ MORE: ‘Facebook a gift to intelligence agencies’ – Laura Poitras

“Survata was surprised to see respondents said they’d be more upset with a company like Google seeing their personal data than the NSA,” he said. “We did not ask respondents for the reasons or motivations behind their answers; so we can only conjecture based on our previous research. One guess is that respondents assume the NSA is only looking for ‘guilty’ persons when scouring personal data, whereas a company like Google would use personal data to serve ads or improve their own products.”

Still, CNET’s Chris Matyszczyk noted that most of the survey takers were between the ages of 13 and 44, a group that has typically been the most willing to give up its personal data to social media giants and other digital application developers.

“If these results are to be believed, then humanity is rife with those who speak out of several sides of their mouth,” he wrote. “On the one hand, we claim to fear Google most, yet we allow it, Facebook and the like to crawl over our daily routines and information like summer flies enjoying a rancid grapefruit.”

That sentiment has been echoed by other prominent voices, notably NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Earlier this month, Snowden called networks like Facebook and Google “dangerous” for being hostile to privacy and not allowing encrypted messages.

READ MORE: Spying and storing: Assange says ‘Google works like NSA’

In September, meanwhile, Assange compared Google to the NSA, saying it generates revenue by gathering and selling individuals’ data.

“Google’s business model is the spy. It makes more than 80 percent of its money by collecting information about people, pooling it together, storing it, indexing it, building profiles of people to predict their interests and behavior, and then selling those profiles principally to advertisers, but also others,” he said.

“So the result is that Google, in terms of how it works, its actual practice, is almost identical to the National Security Agency or GCHQ.”

Source: RT

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Oct 31

Should Libertarians Vote for Republicans in 2014?

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Oct 31

Pentagon spending hits five-year high amid anti-ISIS campaign

AFP Photo/US AIR FORCE/Staff Sgt. Shawn

AFP Photo/US AIR FORCE/Staff Sgt. Shawn

The rate at which the United States economy grew last quarter has surpassed the expectations of experts, and a surge in military spending is said to be the culprit.

On Thursday, the US Commerce Department announced that the country’s gross domestic product, or GDP, grew at a 3.5 percent annual rate for the third quarter of 2014, well beyond Bloomberg’s forecasted pace of only 3.0 percent.

The reason for the better-than-expected results, early reports indicate, is a spike in defense spending during Q3. The Pentagon saw its spending during the last quarter go up by 16 percent, signaling a five-year high not seen since the US was involved in wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. So significant was defense spending during the last quarter, in fact, that the 16 percent growth seen in that sector is said to have helped the economy overcome below-expectation consumer spending rates recorded during that same span.

“This is the strongest six-month interval we’ve had in 10 years,” Carl Tannenbaum, chief economist at the Northern Trust Company, told the New York Times on Thursday,.

“Consumers were a little less active than we might have thought,”Tannenbaum said, adding, “the things that drove us were not the usual suspects,” referring to the defense sector bump.

“The bottom line: third quarter growth was stronger than expected, but the composition of the growth wasn’t what we were be hoping for,” CNBC “On-Air Stocks” editor Bob Pisani wrote this week.

Indeed, the surge in military spending comes despite the imminent withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan after 13 years of war, the longest such operation in the Pentagon’s history. Nonetheless, the starting of a new campaign in recent months in the Middle East where the movements of the so-called Islamic State group have been met with American airstrikes have likely lumped more money into defense spending then Washington had expected. Reuters reported on Thursday this week that defense spending was directly responsible for adding 0.66 percentage points to the GDP growth, citing specifically an increase in spending on ammunition and jet fuel, with Jeffry Bartash at MarketWatch agreeing that the surge came not due to weapons purchases, but ammo, missiles and oil, as well as spending on personnel and installation support.

AFP Photo/al-Furqan Media
AFP Photo/al-Furqan Media

“The more conspiratorial minded might be led to believe the Obama administration goosed military spending to try to boost the economy just ahead of the November elections. Without the sharp rise in spending, the U.S. would have grown a lot slower than the preliminary 3.5 percent growth rate,” Bartash wrote. “Circumstantial evidence suggests administrations from both parties have adopted that tactic in the past,” he added, noting that similar spikes occurred just ahead of elections in 1986, 1994, 2004, 2008 and 2012.

Without a doubt, though, the anti-Islamic State campaign opened up in recent months is indeed costing the Pentagon a pretty penny, with a report from earlier this month putting the cost of the operation then at nearly $1 billion. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has also admitted in recent weeks that the mission against the extremist group is costing Washington roughly $10 million each day as strikes continue to occur in parts of Iraq and Syria taken by the militants.


The last time the US experienced a military spending surge as sharp as the one seen during the last quarter was during Q2 of 2009 when defense purchases shot up by 17.4 percent, the Associated Press acknowledged this week.

Meanwhile, the Columbus Dispatch reported recently that Michele Flournoy, the former undersecretary of defense in the Obama administration, said at a gathering of defense analysts last week that the national security of the US is at risk because of new defense spending cuts expected to soon occur as a consequence of the reductions outlined in the sequester agreement from last year. The Pentagon is expected to lose $500 billion in funding during the next decade under the terms reached lat year, which Flournoy warned will have a detrimental effect on the US.

“You can’t expect to defend the nation under sequestration,” said Flournoy. “The risks are real, they are accumulating, and they are substantial. The risks associated with sequestration are not front-loaded, they are accumulative.”

Regardless, the US military is expected to remain the most well-funded in the world, with annual military spending expected to exceed $600 billion a year through 2021.

Source: RT

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Oct 31

Oregon to test mileage-based tax

Amid recent calls for lawmakers to increase the federal gas tax or come up with an alternative transportation revenue scheme to offset tax losses created by increased passenger vehicle fuel efficiency, Oregon lawmakers are preparing to launch a pilot project to examine how a state mileage tax would work.

The Oregon program will allow 5,000 motorists to volunteer to either keep a travel diary or install an odometer tracker or a GPS on their vehicles to enable government officials to keep tabs on their travel habits.

“GPS will be the most hassle-free option,” Michelle Godfrey, an official involved with the implementation of the program, told The Oregonian. “But it’s also the option that people tend to dislike the most.”

Oregon motorists currently pay around between 48 cents and 52 cents per gallon on fuel — broken down, that’s 18.4 cent per gallon federal gas tax, a 30 cent per gallon state tax and local taxes ranging from 1 cent to 5 cents per gallon.

The Oregon Department of Transportation program will deal with the state tax, sending drivers in the pilot program a monthly bill and/or a rebate check to offset the 30 cent per gallon state tax.

It’s fitting that Oregon is at the forefront of testing new gas tax options, as it was the first state to introduce a state fuel tax all the way back in 1919.

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Oct 31

Growing boycott movement forces SodaStream to close illegal West Bank settlement factory

SodaStream to benefit from Israel’s displacement of Palestinians in Naqab
Retailers and investors dropped SodaStream over BDS pressure

Palestinian boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) activists today welcomed the news that SodaStream has announced it is to close its factory in the illegal Israeli settlement of Mishor Adumim following a high profile boycott campaign against the company.

“SodaStream’s announcement today shows that the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement is increasingly capable of holding corporate criminals to account for their participation in Israeli apartheid and colonialism,” said Rafeef Ziadah, a spokesperson for the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), the broad coalition of Palestinian civil society organisations that leads and supports the BDS movement.

“BDS campaign pressure has forced retailers across Europe and North America to drop SodaStream, and the company’s share price has tumbled in recent months as our movement has caused increasing reputational damage to the SodaStream brand,” she added.

The news of this major success against a company famed for its role in illegal Israeli settlements broke amidst intensifying demonstrations against Israel’s policies of colonisation in Jerusalem.

Grassroots boycott activism saw SodaStream dropped by major retailers across North America and Europe including Macy’s in the US and John Lewis in the UK.

SodaStream was forced to close its flagship store in Brighton in the UK as a result of regular pickets of the store.

Soros Fund Management, the family office of the billionaire investor George Soros, sold its stake in SodaStream following BDS pressure.

SodaStream’s share price fell dramatically in recent months as sales dried up, particularly in North America.

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Oct 31

Racist Halloween ‘lynching decor’ removed from Fort Campbell military base

Military authorities removed a Halloween display that depicted a black family hanging in effigy from a tree at Fort Campbell.

A photograph of the display, which was set up at a residence on the base that straddles Kentucky and Tennessee, was sent to Army officials for investigation.

Authorities at the base said the occupant, who was not identified, told military officials the display was not intended to be offensive and agreed to take it down.

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Oct 31

The Democrats are surging toward defeat

Barring the sort of electoral fraud normally reserved for elections involving previously unheralded “community activists” or members of the Kennedy family, Election Day 2014 is going to be a tough outing for President Barack Obama and his Democratic accomplices.

Poll after poll indicates that not only are the majority of Americans tired of the noisy — and noisome — Obama freak show, but they’re going to do something about it this coming Tuesday. And the Democrats, rather than learn from their mistakes, are pre-emptively pointing fingers over the coming whipping.

As the campaign races close on the finish line, the Democrats have issued a clarion call to their base, exhorting them to turn out on Election Day or suffer dire, albeit nonspecific, consequences. And they’ve identified the need for enhanced black voter turnout without once acknowledging the unspoken bigotry of presuming all black people vote — or do anything — unanimously. Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) said: “If the black vote, and the brown vote, doesn’t turn out, we just can’t win. It’s that simple.” Translation: “If we lose, it’s because ‘those’ people didn’t get out for us.”

And the supposed “black electorate” isn’t the only group hearing the Friday morning quarterbacking. After a swing through so-called “black media” outlets, including Al Sharpton’s radio show, Obama appeared at a rally for Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. “It don’t make no sense… We need to strengthen the middle class for the 21st century. That means we need leaders from the 21st century who actually believe women should get paid the same as men.” Perhaps it was his folksy use of double-negatives which kept the carefully selected audience from remembering that Obama, who is the ideological scion of failed 20th century ideologues, pays female White House staffers less than their male counterparts. That may also explain how Obama fell under the misapprehension that all — or even most — women vote the way they’re told to by men.

The same could be said for so-called “women’s issues,” also considered a key to the Democrats’ electoral strategy. Having failed to convince the fairer sex that “taxpayer-funded, late-term, partial-birth abortions for anyone who mentions ‘Sandra Fluke’ at the check-in desk” and “women’s issues” are one and the same, the Democrats didn’t abandon their macabre devotion to legalized infanticide. Instead, they attacked any woman who dared speak out against the left’s death culture.

Blacks have been voting majority Democrat since the late 1960s. Women have been a key liberal demographic nearly as long. Both groups are presumed to be monolithically liberal to the extent that the same Democrats who treat them like foregone conclusions consider racist and sexist assaults, including actual assaults, against conservative blacks and women acceptable and even funny.

Even after making nonexistent racism and imagined bigotry the excuse for every one of Obama’s unprecedented string of failures, disgraces and outright crimes, the Democrats simply cannot bring themselves to admit that their string of failures, disgraces and outright crimes has consequences. The Democrats’ politics of division have failed them. But rather than learn something constructive from what may well be a record-breaking electoral beat down that they absolutely brought upon themselves, they’ve spent their time alternatively quaking in their onesies and identifying the fall guys whom they’re going to blame.

If they win, they won! If they lose, they lost to racism, sexism, classism or an insufficient turnout by the voters whom they consistently take for granted because they’re black, female and/or poor. And then they can — and clearly will — blame blacks, women and poor people.

–Ben Crystal

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Oct 31

Slouching from infanticide to ‘toddlercide’

Baby killing (abortion) is a growing industry backed by all kinds of monstrous justification.

Just how intelligent is a race of people who will themselves to extinction? We should call it a moral crisis.

We fear tyranny, war, disease and fear economic depression; but we have absolutely no fear of self-extinction.

Since 1973, there have been 56.6 million abortions. But this is apparently not enough. According to anecdotal evidence presented by pro-life groups Created Equal and Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, an astonishing number of college students say they support post-birth abortion — or what we commonly call murder.

These murders should take place up to ages 4 and 5, students say, because the children are not yet “self-aware.”

The devaluation of life has become public policy in America, hence the death panels in Obamacare and forced funding of abortifacients in Obamacare healthcare plans. Abortion has long been a central plank of the Godless Democrat Party. It’s now joined by homosexual “marriage.”

Yes, there are death panels in Obamacare that will ration care. There are also government “policymakers” like Ezekiel Emanuel who are proponents of child murder because children are not productive members of society.

Of course, for most of the people abortions are mainly for more selfish reasons of convenience. And by the way, Margaret Sanger, a proponent of eugenics, founded the precursor to Planned Parenthood in order to exterminate minorities–blacks in particular. Her plan seems to be working, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the majority of babies aborted are minorities.

It wasn’t so long ago that there was a terrible stigma placed on abortion, and it was done mostly in secret and only in extreme circumstances. Then it evolved into public policy and became in most minds no more serious a procedure than pulling a tooth.

Before something becomes official and “public policy,” it begins as unofficial public policy. In the beginning or unofficial stage, the government and its politicians appear to be silent or neutral on an issue. All appears to be spontaneous, coming from grass-roots idealism. For example, infant murder began under the altruistic sounding words “planned parenthood.” Now Planned Parenthood is granted an annual stipend from the Federal Treasury.

As always in such chicanery, these words are totally misleading. But they have worked their charm on lukewarm churchgoing Americans. Under the guise of universalism and tolerance, the world turns its back on all sorts of evil.

In the beginning stages of creating the public mind to accept the formulation of public policy, it all has an aura of free expression and “free choice.”

While some people are mildly alarmed, few would ever suspect the progression pattern and how these altruistic social expressions finally evolve into law. This means in plain language that at some point, the government decides “by law” who is to die “in the public interest.” They will decide which children will die and which aged and infirm will die. And eventually, they will come after you with no pretense.

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Oct 31

NYC Ebola doctor lied about traveling around city before hospitalization

(NaturalNews) The first reported case of Ebola in New York City apparently caroused around town rather than self-quarantine himself, according to new reports. Dr. Craig Spencer, who was declared to have Ebola after recording a temperature of 100.3 degrees F, had initially told health…

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